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The Best Brands for Commercial Door Services

Part of what makes James A. Fleming one of the most trusted contractors for door installation in Wainfleet Ontario is our product preferences. Our most trusted doors come from local Canadian manufacturers, and they are sturdy and master crafted. When you have selected a product you like, we will place the order. Orders typically take anywhere from two to four weeks time to be delivered.



Trusted Door Installation in Wainfleet

James A. Fleming is a door contractor that sticks to a strict process when you require installation or door repair services. We operate with the intention of giving you the best exterior and interior doors possible for your home; you can count on us working your best interests. The process begins when James visits your home for a consultation. In order to give you the best door repair services, we have to get a better idea of the type of products you require and how big the doors need to be. James comes prepared with all the necessary tools and resources to complete a consultation.

We will measure your door frames, then sit down with you and discuss what types of door products you would prefer. James brings a deep catalog of decorative, interior, and exterior doors for you to browse. Once you pick your desired door, James outlines the steps that will be necessary to complete your project, complete with an estimate. If you’re interested moving forward with James as your door contractor, we request a 50% deposit upfront, followed by the rest of the payment upon completion of the project.


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Niagara Pre-Hung Doors

The company we trust the most with delivering an excellent door product is Niagara Pre-Hung Doors. These doors are locally built and distributed. We make sure that the product you choose will fit the measurements of your upcoming repair services. As a door contractor, James A. Fleming trusts no door distributor more than Niagara Pre-Hung Doors.