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Your Home Siding Expert

You can rest easy when working with an expert siding contractor from James A. Fleming. We start our process with a comprehensive consultation. James will come to your property and get an idea of how big the project is, whether or not you simply need siding repair or a full-scale installation, etc. If we’re exploring minor repairs, James will present to you a number of products that closely resemble your currently installed siding.

High Quality, Eco-Friendly Siding

James A. Fleming believes in the value of high-end siding installation services. The way to distinguish the best replacement from a passable one is the products used in the siding installation. We never use siding materials that are known to be harmful to the environment for the sake of cutting costs on our end. All our siding repair and installation projects use the highest quality materials that are environmentally-friendly. Your home will look amazing while simultaneously reducing its carbon footprint thanks siding services from James A. Fleming!

Once we have determined the best products for your siding services, James will give you a quote of the entire process. If you choose to move forward with us for your siding replacement, then we require 50% of the total cost upfront before we continue. The rest of the payment is due upon the completion of your project.


Canada Made Siding

James A. Fleming believes in the value of working with the best local siding distributors. All our products we use on siding repair projects come from local siding companies, below is a list of the different companies we get our products from.

Royal Siding – Our preferred supplier for siding installation and replacement. Whether you’re looking for a stock siding option or something with a premium finish, Royal Siding is a great option. We deal in exclusively environmentally friendly siding products.

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