Canadian Made Windows

On every one of our window repair services, James A. Fleming only uses Canadian made products. There are several talented window specialists and manufacturers in your backyard, so why not use them? Once you have chosen the product for your window glass repair, we place an order to the manufacturer. The product will likely be delivered within two to four weeks of placing the order. Here are a couple of the different manufacturers we use on our projects:

Vinyl Window Design (VWD)
– Window replacements from VWD are made with high-quality glass and materials. They are Energy Star certified and come with a lifetime warranty.

VinylBilt Windows – Another reliable Canadian made window. Whether you’re looking for a durable window repair service, or something designed to be energy efficient, VinylBilt has the product for you.

Client Consultations

Like all of our services, window installation starts with a consultation. We start by visiting your property with a window specialist to get an idea of the scope of your project. We’ll determine where window replacement is necessary, how many windows you require, and more fine details. From there we will measure the frames to narrow the field of window options while we select products.

The next step is determining what specific products you want to be installed. We believe in the quality of Canadian made windows, they’re all that we offer! James A. Fleming is a window specialist that will give you nothing less than unbiased information. The windows we install are transparent, so shouldn’t our consultations reflect that? For more information on our vendors for window installation, please see our list below.

After the initial consultation, James sits down with you to discuss the necessary steps that are needed to complete the project. Ultimately, you will be given a quote of how much the window repair service will cost to complete. If you would like to move forward with James A. Fleming, we request a 50% deposit before getting to work. The rest of the payment is due upon completion of your window installation.


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